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In the 1950s and 1960s, fitness clubs began to appear in the United States. So far, the United States has become the most developed country in the world's sports industry, and also the world's largest sports fitness and entertainment market. In 1968, ray Nigel established ray Nigel sports medicine center and research laboratory in New York, which specializes in fitness, and is committed to promoting the popularization of fitness medicine technology.

In the early stage, the fitness crowd only focused on warm-up and training, but ignored the pain caused by no relaxation. The laboratory launched the first generation of bionic fascial relaxation equipment in 1972, which was continuously improved by referring to finger press and gear engagement technology, aiming at the research on the mechanism of sports fatigue and excessive fatigue, the means of eliminating fatigue and the scientific selection of fitness athletes, To achieve a deeper stimulation of muscle trigger point and relax the deep fascia effect.

In 1980, ray Nigel sports medical laboratory carried out the research and development experiment of sports medicine named lightning 1, involving the research on the adaptability or biological effect of human body organ tissue morphology, structure, composition, function and metabolism to sports training.

In 1985, the laboratory carried out the research and development experiment of sports medicine code named lightning 2. The United States is the country with the largest number of overweight or obese people in the world. Since 1962, the proportion of obese people in the United States has been increasing from 13% to 160 million. So far, more than 70% of men over 20 years old and 62% of women of the same age are suffering from overweight or obesity problems. 30% of children and adolescents are worried about their body size. The project research involves sports nutrition, basic metabolism and prevention and treatment of obesity. In 1988, the first generation of fitness nutrition supplement products and courses were launched to intervene and control obesity from two dimensions of fitness and nutrition.

In 1990, it launched the first family gym program in the United States, code named running lightning. For non professional fitness user groups, it uses the combination of aerobic and anaerobic to strengthen sports nutrition and sports tonic supplement.

In 1995, the laboratory found that the rate of constipation in the process of weight loss was as high as 70%, while the rate of constipation in the general population was about 15%. Most people who lose weight generally adopt diet therapy and choose common food to relieve constipation. Most of the drugs used are irritant cathartic and osmotic cathartic, and the effect satisfaction is less than 30%. Nearly 72% people are trying new constipation preparations.

In this regard, the laboratory has done a lot of in-depth research and experiments through the combination of exercise and nutrition. After three years of unremitting efforts, it finally established a set of program to intervene constipation by strengthening exercise and dietary nutrition supplement, and launched the first generation of dietary fiber supplement in 2000.

Since 2001, ray Nigel laboratory has been divided into two parts, one is sports medicine laboratory, the other is sports nutrition laboratory, which is more specialized and subdivided to do a series of scientific experiments and research around fitness and nutrition, and develop corresponding products and courses.

In 2006, the laboratory of Sports Medicine found that in addition to the traditional deep fascia relaxation, static stretching and more flexible functional training and the importance of strengthening core training. In 2007, it first put forward sports suggestions for spine health. In 2008, it launched the second generation of fascial release products.

In 2008, the sports nutrition laboratory strengthened the research on the relationship between sports and intestinal environment in the global research and development of new foods and drugs. It put forward the scientific therapy of sports diet nutrition combining sports with probiotics, prebiotics and dietary fiber to intervene and prevent stubborn constipation and obesity.

In 2012, the laboratory upgraded its R & D products to the U.S. fitness and sports tonic market, and established international branches in the markets of Europe, America, Oceania and Asia, such as Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. Through professional product development team, global supply chain and solid product quality, we have established a good and stable partnership with many well-known gyms, studios and professional coaches around the world.

In 2016, ray Nigel integrated two laboratories and established USA ray Nigel Group Inc through decades of product development experience. Reniger group, Inc., provides reliable fitness products and nutritional supplements to more than 90 countries and regions.

2017, ray Nigel has entered the Chinese mainland market, sponsored more than 300 professional gyms and studios, carried out a series of fitness and sports nutrition courses, reached strategic cooperation with the all-around private education assistant of the well-known fitness knowledge dissemination platform in China and major fitness equipment and nutrition supplement brands, established ptschina Private Education Alliance, and is committed to the popularization and development of professional fitness equipment and sports nutrition in China Exhibition.

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