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Ray Nigel

Ray Nigel is a professional sports and fitness brand in the United States, focusing on the research and development of fitness equipment and functional training equipment products. Its headquarter is located in Colorado, USA, which is subordinate to USA ray Nigel Group Inc

Ray The Nigel brand symbolizes the lightning of running. Adhering to the tenet of science and technology, professionalism, practicability and safety, it is equipped with a high-tech professional product development team, adopts a global supply chain, selects the highest standard raw materials and process standards in the industry, and is designed according to the principles of ergonomics and sports fitness to provide strength, balance and flexibility for the majority of fitness athletes , coordination, agility, explosive power, endurance and other physical fitness products.

With scientific and technological innovation, high-quality products and thoughtful and meticulous services, ray Nigel has established a good and stable partnership with many famous gyms and professional coaches around the world, and gradually formed a strong talent, professional and brand advantage.

Raynigel China official website: www.raynigel.cn

Raynigel US official website: www.raynigel.com

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