Ray Nigel establishes ten million USD Industrial Fund



On December 29, the US fitness brand "Ray Nigel" announced that the US parent company, USA ray Nigel Group Inc., established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Qingdao area of China (Shandong) pilot Free Trade Zone: Qingdao Free Trade Zone reniger Sports Technology Co., Ltd. (wholly-owned by the US), which will officially operate in January 2020, and invested 20 million US dollars to establish ray Nigel sports industry fund is mainly used for brand building, channel expansion, new product R & D and product online service system construction.

On August 30, China (Shandong) pilot free trade zone was officially listed, pushing Shandong to the forefront of a new round of high-level opening up, which is a milestone in the process of reform and opening up. The establishment of the wholly-owned subsidiary of ray Nigel in Qingdao Free Trade Zone benefited from the rapid efficiency of the US embassy and the Administration for Industry and Commerce of Qingdao Free Trade Zone, as well as the firm confidence of ray Nigel group in its investment in China.

Ray Nigel, a professional fitness equipment brand in the United States. Headquartered in Colorado, USA, it belongs to USA ray nickel group Inc. Focus on fitness equipment and functional training equipment research and development, dedicated to professional fascia relaxation research and promotion.

Ray Nigel established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Qingdao area of China (Shandong) pilot free trade zone. On the one hand, it benefited from Sino US trade from friction to relaxation. As an upgraded version of the free trade zone, ray Nigel provided a more convenient and relaxed business environment for foreign enterprises. On the other hand, ray Nigel established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Qingdao area of China (Shandong) pilot free trade zone The Nigel brand has been upgraded in an all-round way, from domestic OEM mode to self owned production, so as to improve product quality control and production efficiency.

Taking the fascial gun market as an example, most of the domestic brands adopt the OEM mode, with a high rate of poor quality control. It is reported that ray Nigel's second-generation products are currently selected to be manufactured by a listed medical company. The third generation products will be produced by reniger sports technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary, to provide a comprehensive upgrade. Therefore, it will become the first brand produced by a foreign-funded enterprise in the fascial gun market.

In recent years, raynigel has made great progress. It has successively obtained the certification of bartontech rehabilitation laboratory in Germany, the certification of TC spine Health Association in the United States, the certification of PhD myofascial Rehabilitation Association in the United States, and the certification of margotplan physical therapist in New Zealand. And successively stationed in Australia, Canada, Britain, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other countries.

In June 2016, raynigel officially entered China, helped more than 300 professional gyms and studios, carried out a series of fitness and sports nutrition courses, and reached strategic cooperation with domestic well-known fitness knowledge dissemination platform and major fitness equipment and nutrition supplement brands, committed to the popularization and development of professional fitness equipment and sports nutrition in China.

RAYNIGEL developed the RAYNIGEL muscle relaxant fascia gun, RAYNIGEL foam shaft, RAYNIGEL gear massage rod and other heavy products with the world's top athletes standards.

In 2019, the variety show "happy trio" and "supernova National Games" successively exposed ray Nigel's first generation and second generation fascial gun products. Tmall and Jingdong platform's double 11 and double 12 promotions, ray Nigel brand fascial gun is the top 3 in single product sales.

Raynigel muscle relaxing fascial gun, as a wireless and advanced vibration relaxing device, can deeply relieve muscle stiffness and pain, increase blood circulation and activity performance, and improve the overall health of the body's soft tissue. It has four advantages: scientific research certification, intelligent hard core, comprehensive care, convenient and practical.

Raynigel fascial gun has passed CE, FCC and other certification. It adopts American precision technology and is designed according to ergonomic intelligence. Five kinds of gun heads are used for comprehensive care of spine, joints, large muscle groups and other parts of the body, with a wide range of applications.

In daily health care, you can relax muscle fascia by vibration, relieve muscle fatigue, stretch muscle lines, assist fitness plasticity, improve muscle balance, and assist yoga training. Accelerate the preheating effect before exercise, activate muscles, maintain muscle activity and state during exercise, rapidly decompose lactate and eliminate fatigue after exercise. For the people who do not exercise for a long time and have a long time of sitting in the office, it also has the functions of relaxing massage, deep releasing fatigue and reducing pain and stiffness. Raynigel muscle relaxing fascial gun is convenient and practical. It can help relax your body at home, office, gym and outdoor anytime and anywhere.

In 2020, ray Nigel sports black technology will continue to ferment to help tens of millions of fitness athletes avoid sports injuries and improve sports results.

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